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Outboard Service & Repairs

We provide Engine Services on Mercury, Yamaha and Suzuki outboards.

20 Hr Service

The 20 Hour Service is the break in service on your new motor. This service includes engine oil and gear case oil change, along with new filters.

100 Hr Service, 300 Hr Service & Up

In our 100hr services & up we include engine oil and oil filter, lower unit gear lube, spark plugs, water pump and inspect related components, fuel water separating filters, engine filters along with the removal of the prop to inspect propeller, propshaft and seal. Lube propshaft, reinstall propeller and replace cotter pin. Inspect zincs, thermostats, belt and pulleys. Degrease engine, spray with corrosion inhibitor and grease where needed.  Reset maintenance interval on gauge and note engine hours.

Engine Repairs

From rebuilding lower units to rebuilding engines

Why Repower?

Repowers help to extend the life of your boat and can even give you a boost on the water.

"New Boats Are Expensive" - boat owners start looking at new boats and realize they have tripled in price since they bought their current boat. 

"Reliability" - old run down motors comes with issues, headaches and no warranty

"New Technology" - you can make your experience on the water more enjoyable by upgrading - digital controls, power steering, digital instrumentation and data displays

"Better Economy" - improvement in fuel economy

"Serviceability" - can be harder to source parts for older motors 

Feel free to request a quote for your engine service.

For more information, call us at (561) 401-9897.

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